Accept it as it comes along

It opens for sure a whole new world

Avoiding it makes the world seem all strange.

Yes it’s the inevetibility of change.

All our souls need is a bit of light

Some of yours and all my might

While spirituality to it will always seem right

Karma will let give it the necessary insight.

Life not being how long we live

(Cliche) but how we live

Achievements aren’t about how much rather they are about the paths we choose

Success will surely be how much you live on the path you choose.

Strength is not a state of being

It’s a story which opens with the strength of people around you

While the mid chapters weaken them

The climax being either succumbing or you being their strength

What’s necessary is firing up and not flaming out

You’ll learn to keep cool and yet not freeze

You’ll choose to fly and gas away

You’ll flow with the tide by not going stray

You’ll decide to grow with the elements your made up off.

Because some things are done it doesn’t mean that it should be done cause not everything done is done right



We know about something that doesn’t really cost us a penny

It very well still deserves to be an integral part of our journey

It brings about nothing but Symphony

Yes I mean harmony.

Somehow we aren’t living a life wich is carrying a heritage

Leaving behind a purposeful message

Mistaking it’s damage to be the flip in a page into new age

Successfully creating an unnecessary Ramage.

Why aren’t we strong enough to be brave?

Why don’t we shout against misbehave ?

Why do we help dig each other’s grave?

Why don’t we respond instead of reacting to a call of save?

Pain And Us

A term so common today is pain

Power it has to compel our mental pain to some cocaine

And ofcourse our physical pain to a bit of champagne

Making us want some time and again.

A term so common today is pain

Obliging to which gambling isn’t about putting money down the drain

Even if your soul screams refrain

Making us want to gain time and again.

A term so common today is pain

Under which we loose all constrain

Where life begins to feel mundane

Making us someone Oxford refers to as insane.

A term so common today is pain

Scumbbing to which we feel our efforts are going in vain

People’s expectations adding to our terrain

Making us an alien in our own domain.

A term so common today is pain

But no matter what from negativity we need to abstain

It’s only positivity that will make our path certain

Eventually a term so uncommon then will be pain.

~Radhika P Chhabria


Live to inspire not expire…Live not to just survive but exist….

It’s not only about making to ends meet its about how you make two ends meet…whether you lower yourself in your eyes only to be lifted in someone else’s who themselves can’t meet eye to eye in the mirror…
It’s about sailing towards the light house in the dead dark sea with the brave heart of a sailor, the brain of an enemy and a conscious of your own

Yes, you will have to compromise, yes even succumb to pressure, alter your dreams, take the longer and tougher route if it’s the right by which I mean the morally ethical thing to do…

For sure there is a time when you will whisper, while the the world you feel is shouting at you…yes you will loose sight of the dreams and goals you threw to the universe Wishing the universe will grant it back…

Trust me it’s true when we say”it’s not wrong to go a few steps back and revamp  if its going to take you miles ahead..” 

You can’t push the path with a proper conscious its not meant for you cause maybe that’s why we have evolved to being a homo sapien sapien-wise as they say…Go with your heart, believe in your consciousness cause it’s your own personal imbution…

M not asking you to leave your dreams and goals…just trying to imbue you to pick the right way…Because the journey outside is not as important as the journey within